Grafdirekt offers you maxiumum personal service with quick response and speedy deliveries at competitive prices. We offer direct delivieries of materials to book binding factories in Scandinavia and most of Europe.

Grafdirekt AS has long traditions as a supplier to the graphical industry and is today Norway's leading supplier of coating material and consumables to book bindings, printing presses, the postpress business, album- og biner manufacturers as well as the box- and carton industry.

Through cooperation with the world's leading producers we can offer designers and the advertising industry a wide array of coating materials where only your imagination is the limit to how the final product will look!

Everyting is delivered directly from the manufacturer to you as a customer. This is cost effective and yields lower prices since no expensive stocking fees applies. Products are carefully selected based on quality, price, security of supply and environmental impact.

Grafdirekt AS

Grafdirekt offer custom offers with direct deliveries from manufacturer to customer. Grafdirekt promotes products from leading manufacturers around the globe and we have specialized in cost-effective solutions for deliveries to the graphical industry. Grafdirekt operates as agent and broker and has no costly intermediaries.

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